About Partners for Community Wellness

dh_pcw_08222014Leaders and members of Partners for Community Wellness work with community partners to inspire and advance healthier communities across NH and VT through education, advocacy, and philanthropy.

PCW members are the community engagement arm of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Community Health Department– a multi-disciplinary team working to address social determinants of health like access to care, support for people at home, healthy living spaces, and access to nutritious food and exercise.

Learn more about Dartmouth-Hitchcock Community Health here. 


Our Mission is to inspire and advance healthier communities across NH and VT through education, advocacy, and philanthropy.

Our Vision is to improve the lives of the people and communities we serve, for generations to come.

Our Goals:

  • To become a valuable resource and action arm to our communities and to D-H;
  • To gauge community health/wellness needs and awareness and provide unvarnished feedback and support to D-H;
  • To advocate, support, and promote initiatives that PCW and D-H believe will serve our communities’ health and healthcare needs well
  • To help facilitate health improvement strategies and actions with input and engagement between the communities served by D-H and its affiliates;
  • To identify philanthropic and other income generating opportunities that align with D-H and that advance our joint health and healthcare goals through successful collaboration;
  • To learn from each other about the way we give and receive care.