Tipping Point Grants

Tipping Point Grants provide a framework and funding through which some individuals can give so that others can grow.

A Tipping Point Grant is a one-time $1000 grant to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

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From time to time we all hit bumps in the road while navigating the path of life. Quite often those bumps can seem insurmountable. Sometimes all you need is a little help to get back on the road to your goals. 

Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Partners for Community Wellness, along with Easter Seals VT/NH, Families in Transition, the Upper Valley Haven, and Anne-Marie House have come together in a joint effort to introduce the Tipping Point Grant Program.

A grant from this program can be used to:

 Support education: tuition, class materials, books, training classes, etc.

Address barriers to obtaining or retaining employment: clothing, housing, childcare,
food instability, tools / equipment / assistive technology necessary to succeed in the workplace

Small business development: licensing fees, equipment purchase, business cards or brochures
to increase marketing, etc.

Transportation: car repairs or to assist in the purchase of a reliable vehicle in order to obtain/retain employment or attend classes, etc.

Recipients of a Tipping Point Grant also receive mentoring and guidance to help meet their objectives.

Our team understands what a difference it can make to invest in you. Helping people achieve their  dreams creates a stronger community.


Contact us to learn more, including how you can donate to the Tipping Points Program: 603-653-6816