Vial of Life

The Vial of LIFE means Lifesaving Information For Emergencies. By completing this Vial of LIFE kit, you will give medical emergency workers important information about your health in the case of an emergency.

It is also vital to note if you have a Power of Attorney for Health Care or an Advance Directive and include details in the provided Medical Information Form (see link below) about where emergency personnel can find a copy of these documents. They will bring a copy to the hospital if they need to transport you for care.

Emergency responders have been trained to look for a Vial of LIFE in the refrigerator if they see a sticker on or near your front door or a magnet on your refrigerator. The vial is kept in the refrigerator because it acts as a safe, protecting your vital health information in the case of a fire.

Vial of LIFE Update

So far we have sent almost 9,000 Vials of LIFE into the community via different partners. We welcome PCW participation in our distribution process. Some potential places of distribution might be senior centers, churches, or your local farmer’s market. Please request a box of Vials of LIFE to distribute in your community.

Some of our recent disbursements have been to primary care practices and first responders. We recently got a request from LaValley Building Supply for a box. After hearing about the Vials from their local fire department, they felt it would be the perfect tool for their employees who have a high risk of accident.

We continue to seek new ways to spread the vials through our community. We have identified approximately 1,000 different schools throughout New Hampshire and Vermont and plan to do a mailing to school nurses in late September. We believe that at risk students and students who use medication for chronic conditions are another population who can benefit from use of the Vial of LIFE.

We continue to look for more opportunities to share the Vials with our community, and would welcome your suggestions for distribution.