Food Security Phi·lan·thro·py

An act or gift done or made so that everyone in our community has enough food for an active, healthy life

Being food secure means having enough food for an active, healthy life

In New Hampshire and Vermont over 172,000 people, including 48,600 children, are food insecure, meaning they don’t have regular access to nutritious food.* People with food insecurity have an elevated risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and other chronic diseases.  You can help Dartmouth-Hitchcock address food insecurity for patients.  

*Indicators of food security are reported by the United States Department of Agriculture

Your Dollars Make a Difference

$25 secures two meals for a family

$100 secures a meal for eight families 

$500 secures a week of meals for five families

How You Can Help

Click here to donate to support Food Security programs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.  Every dollar you donate will go directly towards purchase and distribution of food for patients who are food insecure. Choose “Partners for Community Wellness” from the drop down menu and type in “food security” into the comment box. 

Go here to let us know if you want to take action by volunteering your time or being an advocate for food security.  

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