Tipping Point Phi·lan·thro·py

A gift made in order to tip people towards financial stability

Welcome to the Partners for Community Wellness Tipping Point philanthropy site

 Households that struggle financially to make ends meet face elevated risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental illness and substance use disorder. The Tipping Point program provides small grants to help “tip” economically vulnerable individuals towards achievement of their plans to reach financial stability.

Nicholas' Story

“While my family and I were residing at Anne Marie House, I was a lucky recipient of the Tipping Points Grant…When I wasn’t with my family, I was busy balancing two jobs that I wasn’t passionate about…. I’m so grateful that I was able to receive the grant to participate in the online [IT training] program. Continuing my education in a setting that was right for me restored myself-confidence and drive to better myself and in turn bettered my home life.Thank you for the opportunity! ”

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By the Numbers
  • 55 Grant Recipients
  • 73 Donors
  • $45,479 total donated
How You Can Help

A gift of any amount will help fund one-time grants so that individuals in our community can reach their goals of financial stability.

Follow the link below to donate. Select the “Tipping Point Grant Fund” as your designation in the drop-down menu. 

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