Healthy Aging


“Healthy Aging & Exercise” was inspired by feedback from a May 2015 event PCW co-sponsored with Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging about Brain Health. Audience members indicated in their evaluations that they would like to learn more about exercise.

The kickoff event on exercise for healthy aging was held in October 2015 at the Fireside Inn in West Lebanon, NH. 75 attendees heard a keynote from Steve Bartels, MD about the link between exercise, brain health, and healthy aging. Afterwards, the audience was able to try out four new types of exercise – Tai Chi, chair aerobics, line dancing, and resistance training.

Since then, we’ve been working with communities to tailor this program to their own local needs and audience.

Brain Health & Memory Loss

In partnership with The Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging  and the Aging Resource Center, PCW’s Education Subcommittee organized a community conversation on May 12, 2015 around Brain Health & Memory Loss:

135 people attended to learn more about the topic of memory loss, and especially how a healthy lifestyle can be helpful in supporting brain health. An emerging topic and one raised by this event is the impact of strength training and exercise on the brain and how this could delay cognitive decline.

This 2015 event spurred the creation of PCW’s Healthy Aging & Exercise program.