About the Mandelas

Dr. Joanne Conroy with the Mandelas at AVA Gallery in Lebanon NH on 10/18/2017


Dartmouth College Green and campus, Hanover, NH

Dartmouth College Green and campus, Hanover, NH

Who We Are

The Mandelas strongly desire to promote a culture of caring at the institutional, community and societal levels. Drawn from a broad array of professional backgrounds including medicine, nursing and allied health fields, the Mandelas bring an ethos best described by a desire to share the wisdom of experience, the humility required in a world of health disparities and inequity, and a commitment to improving our professions through engagement, advocacy and education.

Our vision is to contribute to medical and nursing education, to promote shared efforts in interdisciplinary collaboration, to support our colleagues, and to advocate for our patients.

The Mandelas meet every other month at AVA Gallery in Lebanon.

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Our Goals

  • Identify opportunities for members to participate in education in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education
  • Advocate for social justice pertaining to health care with a focus on reducing health care disparities
  • Offer mentoring to students, residents, and colleagues
  • Create ways to offer support for traumatized professionals
  • Explore ways in which the joy of medicine can be widely rekindled
  • Support senior professionals as they transition to new careers or seek to make further contributions

Opportunities for Action